Legacy is a short movie about the origin of all the things we know and particularly, us.

Legacy has being made as a Scixel's side project in our spare time, for free and with the priceless collaboration of three amazingly talented people: Javier Trapiella, Baol Bardot Bulsara and Robert Green, all of them artists in multiple fields.

Javier Trapiella

as Jess

Baol Bardot-Bulsara

as Jess's voice

Robert Green

as ground control voice
and sound producer

Enrique SahagĂșn


This short movie has been made exclusively with free software and it is fair they get the credit they deserve:
- Blender
- Gimp
- Lmms
- Audacity

The voices were recorded at Rob's Spaceland under the experienced guidance of Robert Green.

Paying the piper
Legacy's script is the result of a strange mixture of ideas, as those given by the band Hitless. But there is someone we have to recognize as the main inspiration: Prof. Neil Tyson Degrasse and his moving speech on our origin.

We recorded some footage to create Jess (the astronaut). Javier Trapiella recorded himself with diffuse light trying to minimize the amount of shadows in his face. Then we created a digital model of his face and tracked it. We took the digital shadows out of the model and applied them to the footage. The rest was colour correcting and the adition of some reflections to recreate the helmet.

Scixel Group 2012